I am the #Unjabbed

Nowhere in the “How to be Safe” manual does it say you can discriminate against someone because of their medical conditions. Yet, here we are, jobs being lost, and feeling at war with one another.

I grew weary of being interrogated about my C-jab status, talking about my medical conditions, and hearing the lectures on why I should find another doctor who could fix my medical conditions so that I could be jabbed. When some of my job perks were taken away, I finally resigned.

I am fortunate that I have other revenue streams that allow me to make money through my business. Others who can’t take the C-jab may not have the option to just walk away from a job.

It is for my fellow friends and family who are also unjabbed that I am taking a stand and telling my story. And to be clear, I am not against jabs. I just had the flu jab and TDAP. The C-jab is one that is unsafe for me.

If you need help telling your story, send me a message or drop it in the comment section below and I will add to the next blog.

Grace, peace, and love to you!

Published by Liza Weidle

As a savvy connector with a passion for making the world better, I am known as a good listener and resource immersed in learning trends, tackling challenges, and helping organizations translate vision into actionable, results-driven strategies. In other words, I get the job done!

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