For Ruth’s Sake (FRS)

Liza’s Grandma Ruth

Compassion is the foundation of everything FRS Communications does. Our work is done “For Ruth’s Sake” in loving memory of Liza’s Grandma Ruth.

The Meaning Behind FRS Communications

Liza’s Grandma Ruth was known for her kindness and faithfulness ministering to the churches across Eastern North Carolina. FRS Communications was named in loving memory of Grandma Ruth and our work is done “For Ruth’s Sake.”

Ruth Liverman was named for the Ruth in the Bible who is known for her love of family and God. By this standard, Grandma Ruth was rightly named because to her, life was a love story. Her love for God, her church, family and friends was evident in her daily walk of life. Grandma Ruth’s only enemy was evil.

God’s wonderful world of nature was to Grandma Ruth a creation to be enjoyed. Flowers, trees, birds, mountains, and seashore presented her many opportunities to feel closer to God.

On Sept 7, 1919, Ruth Liverman married Liza’s Grandpa, Whitford Frank Walters who was superintendent of the Tyrrell county Schools. In 1925, Grandpa Whit joined the North Carolina Conference of the Methodist Church. 

A Love Story

Everywhere Liza’s Grandparents lived, her Grandma proved to be a “helpmeet” to Grandpa Whit in the Lord’s vineyard.

As a couple, they were devoted to each other. As a team, there were dedicated to their Lord. Together they served in the following communities: South Mills, Manteo, Edenton, Warsaw, Burgaw, Halifax, and Pikeville.

Serving others

Grandma Ruth’s time and talents were constantly laid on the altar of loving service. God lifted those talents, blessed them, and used them as channels of his grace. Little children, young people, and adults responded in terms to the spirit of love she extended to them. They all shall “rise up and call her blessed.”

Shortly after Grandpa Whit’s death in 1946, Grandma Ruth began work at the Nurses Home at Duke, endearing herself to a host of nurses as “mother” and as personal friend for approximately 15 years.

At Grandma Ruth’s funeral, her favorite hymn ended the service with these thoughts: Be this while life is mine, My canticle divine, May Jesus Christ be praised! Through all the ages long, May Jesus Christ be praised!”

The legacy lives on

After Liza’s father died in 1987, she found two treasures in the attic. One was a box that held all of Grandpa Whit’s sermons that she compiled into “Grandpa’s Whit and Wisdom” and a scrapbook of Grandma Ruth’s favorite poems from Grace Noll Crowell and other thoughts on life, love and serving the Lord. It only seemed appropriate that Grandma Ruth’s Legacy lived on in Liza’s company that has a foundation of hope and compassion.

One of Grandma Ruth’s favorite poems written by Grace Noll Crowell has ties to Wake County.

“Your Young Men Shall Dream Dreams; Young Raleigh on a far-off shore, deep dreams forever in his eyes…teach them to dare as Raleigh dared. In strange new paths yet unexplored. Where Science and waiting Progress hold their secret treasures deeply stored – teach them that service to mankind now offers all great hearts desire; God help us stir their noblest aims.

Grace Noll Crowell

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