Book Review: “Dead Last”

Amanda Lamb takes her talent for writing compelling news stories to new heights with her first fiction “Dead Last.” Available May 12 on Amazon, “Dead Last” will captivate you from the start with the intrigue around a runner who falls during a marathon and whispers, “My husband is trying to kill me.”

It’s almost as if the years of having to trim stories to the minimal for a 60-second news sound-bite have flooded through Amanda’s  writing to deliver colorful characters in a story that will keep you reading to find out what happens next. Craftily written phrases bring images offering more clarity to the story. The lead character, Maddie Arnette, doesn’t just go visit someone. Maddie enters a neighborhood with “beautiful houses that have the power to hide the lives crumbling inside.” People aren’t crazy. They “casually wield passive aggression like a machete.”

If you are craving a great mystery that offers insights into crime reporting, pre-order your copy today and be sure to sign up for a virtual book-signing on May 14 to hear from Amanda Lamb as she reads from the “Dead Last” and answers questions.  A time will be set up soon for Amanda to sign the books for readers who join the livestream event on Facebook.

About the author:  Amanda Lamb is a veteran television crime reporter with three decades of experience. She works for an award-winning NBC affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina, WRAL-TV. She also appears on a regular basis on national news magazine programs and networks which feature true crime stories including Discovery Investigates. While Amanda has written and published nine books, Dead Last is her fiction debut and is born out of her many years of experience covering the crime beat. Amanda is the author three true crime books based on murder cases she covered for the news including: Deadly Dose, Evil Next Door, and Love Lies. She has also published four memoirs, one about caregiving and three about parenting, including: The Living Room, I Love You to God and Back, Girls Gone Child, and Smotherhood. Amanda has penned two children’s books, a story book version of I Love You to God and Back. Her newest offering is We Are Not the Same which is a labor of love for the Tammy Lynn Center, an organization that supports children and adults with disabilities.

You can catch Amanda’s juggling act daily on WRAL-TV or online at, on Instagram on Twitter and on Facebook.

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