Let’s Get Ready for School

Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten (English and Spanish)

Let’s Get Ready for First Grade

When it comes to children’s books, I have a little bias towards Stacey Kannerberg. She is a fellow Mom Congress delegate and friend who recently sent me her books to help stock the Little Free Library in our front yard. I wanted to do a book review because I believe Stacey’s book series gets kids ready to learn. I like the bright colors and style that reminds me a little of “The Magic School Bus” with characters who care about learning.

When I think back to when my children were in elementary school, there wasn’t a clear guideline on what to expect or how to help continue the learning at home. Stacey’s book offer that and include tips for parents as well as ideas of what you can expect your child to learn.

Stacey’s books offer an early learning series that is curriculum based and includes engaging story line. The bonus is the books are sturdy enough for kids to use over and over with dry erase markers.

About the author: Stacey Kannenberg is an author, publisher, motivator, consultant, spokesperson and known as the “Get Ready to Learn Mom.” Stacey is a nationally renowned education expert and co-author of the award winning Let’s Get Ready series. Stacy is the founder of Cedar Valley Publishing. To learn more visit www.cedarvalleypublishing.com or order books through Amazon.

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