The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators

CJ Scarlet packed “The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators” full of tips and resources to help prepare in the event you are attacked.

This is a book to be taken seriously. Read it and then share with others. CJ is a survivor. She found a way to move forward from a rape when she was in college to become an advocate and empower others who have been victimized.

“My hope is that The Badass Girl’s Guide will encourage women and girls to stand up for themselves, making them feel more confident and secure,” CJ said.

Make the time to watch the videos CJ created that demonstrate possible ways to defend yourself from an attack. This ones shows ways to use your arms for self-defense.

CJ sums up her advocacy effort by saying, “You ARE worth fighting for.”

If you are interested in learning more, the two best resources to check out are the National Sexual Violence Resource Center ( and RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (

About the author: CJ Scarlet is the author of “Badass Parenting: Prepare Your Kid to Deal with Danger without Scaring the Hell Out of Them” (pub date June 2020), “The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators,” and “Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean.”

The Badass Girl’s Guide, winner of the Eric Hoffer and Pinnacle Awards, and finalist for the International Book Awards and American Book Fest Best Book Awards in the self-help category, is THE definitive guide on how to stop living in fear of becoming a crime statistic. Learn more at

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