Summit at Sawyer Offers Hope to Raleigh

It was a beautiful day to celebrate the groundbreaking of Summit at Sawyer. This 154-unit neighborhood will offer affordable housing options in the heart of Southeast Raleigh. This day has been many years in the making with partnerships that include the City of Raleigh, Mills Construction, and Mount Pleasant Worship and Outreach Center. Some of the funding for the community initiative come from the Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program.

“Something unique is happening on Sawyer Road in Raleigh,” said Apostle Phillip Walker, Mt. Pleasant Senior Leader. In the past, this road was known as “the worst and most dangerous street in the city of Raleigh. It was a haven for gun violence, crime, drug dealing, illegal sale of alcohol and vice,” said Walker. The church has made great strides in the last 50 years including shutting down prostitution on the very ground of the building sites.

The sounds of automatic gunfire during church services have stopped for Mount Pleasant Worship and Outreach Center located on Sawyer Road in Raleigh NC. Now, you can hear the incredible sounds of bulldozers making the way for affordable homes to be built across the street from the church.

The community being built on Sawyer Road represents the highest point (“Summit”) of living in Raleigh (City of “Oaks”) – making affordable housing possible and will be a stepping stone for home ownership. The units are expected to be available Fall of 2024.

Watch the video to hear remarks from Apostle Walker, Senior Leader Mt. Pleasant Worship and Outreach Center. Additional pictures from the event are at the end.

For more on the affordable housing goals in Raleigh, click here for the CBS story.

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