Elevating Precious Moments with Aimee Cuthrell

For over 20 years Aimee Cuthrell has been a commission artist painting timeless portraits and memorable moments for clients and future generations. Aimee believes that our special stories and the important people in our lives are part of the fiber that makes us who we are. A commissioned painting is a way of elevating these moments, preserving them so you to go back in time again and again as you share them with friends and family. Commissions capture treasured moments for this generation and serve as inspiring legacies for the generations to come.

In this video, Aimee describes how she worked with a picture of Bonnie to create the beautiful portrait of my granddaughter and the chickens. This portrait is a timeless treasure for our family.

You can contact Aimee for a consultation today through https://www.aimeecuthrell.com/

About Aimee: Though Aimee is a native North Carolinian, she also lived in South Carolina and Georgia. Aimee went to high school in eastern North Carolina and graduated from Meredith College in 1984. She lives with her husband, her mother, two cats, and one dog in their forever-home located in Raleigh. She also has two amazing grown children, Shannon and Brad, who have chosen to stay near to family in their home state of NC. In the early 1990’s Aimee began studying portraiture. Since then she has continued with excellent training from some of the best art instructors in the country. With great excitement and a desire to share her paintings with others, Aimee launched Aimee Cuthrell Portraits & Fine Art in 2001. Since the beginning, Aimee has been fortunate to work with numerous kind and generous clients. She has found joy and deep connections while collaborating with her clients to create paintings that allow the beauty of their unique stories to come alive on canvas.

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