Reduce, Refresh, Recycle: Top Three Ways to Improve your Online Presence

It’s a new year and time to think about making your online presence the best it can be. Here are the top three ways to make an impact. Make it to the end of this blog and you win a free prize!

Reduce your online presence by deleting old accounts and unsubscribing to lists that aren’t helpful. If you are unsure how to delete an old account, visit Don’t forget to delete old e-mails. After 180 days, emails stored on a web server are considered abandoned and can be accessed without a warrant (Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986). You can also delete old social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. For Twitter, go to tweetdelete. Keep your searches private by using This search engine doesn’t track your searches and link them to you, eliminating targeted ads and search results that you don’t want.

Refresh your passwords. It’s inevitable that there will be a breach of records that may impact your username and email. A few years back, Equifax had a leak that provided access to their database with 147 million Americans. The best practice is to update your passwords every so often.

If you think you are pretty good at the password protection game, think again. Tap your email into to see where the leaks are. I discovered in 2021 LinkedIn was attacked. The scraped data contains approximately 400M records with 125M unique email addresses, as well as names, geographic locations, genders and job titles.

Keep track of the passwords through a password manager. I use Password Corral. It’s a free download to your computer and easy to use. All of your passwords are stored into a database that’s protected with a single master password – the only one you’ll need to remember from now on. This database is encrypted for an extra layer of security.

Recycle content is an easy way to grow influence. This blog is a great example. It’s posted on the website and shared through social media sites. It is planned for upcoming webinars too.

In celebration of two years in business we are offering a free 30-minute consultation. Put a note in the comment section to claim your free offer today. Make 2022 your year of working smarter, not harder!

Published by Liza Weidle

As a savvy connector with a passion for making the world better, I am known as a good listener and resource immersed in learning trends, tackling challenges, and helping organizations translate vision into actionable, results-driven strategies. In other words, I get the job done!

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