Disrupting Foster Care

Angela Quijada-Banks is not only an incredible young woman who successfully aged out of foster care, she is making the time to disrupt the system in a positive way by sharing her story in “The Black Foster Youth Handbook,” a book set for publication September 29th. Please consider supporting Angela in getting this handbook into the hands of foster youth through her GoFundMe page.

The challenges of kids in Foster Care are beyond the reality that many can imagine. The lingering impact and trauma is carried deep inside. It is not often that a child can go through that process and emerge as an adult who wants to help other foster youth.

 “For a long time, I became accustomed to having one traumatic event happen after the other non-stop. I was constantly reliving my past, catastrophizing my next moves in a perpetual state of survival mode,” writes Angela.

The handbook Angela is working on is geared toward Black and brown youth and features 50+ lessons. Her words “brings a light to a taboo topic” of why and how youth of color fall through the cracks with ways that Angela has broken the cycle and reversing statistics that include:

I met Angela Quijada-Banks when she was 16-years-old and recently removed from the care of her parents. I was assigned to be her Guardian-ad-Litem, essentially the eyes and ears of the court in Angela’s journey in foster care. I am pretty sure I was the last person Angela wanted to talk to about her life. I told corny jokes, wore “old lady” clothes, and was just one more adult in a long procession of strangers that were dropped into her life in what felt like random and confusing ways.

More than anything else, Angela wanted someone who could give her encouragement and advice. In time, Angela started to open up and share. In part, it was because I kept showing up. When it was awkward to explain who I was to Angela, we settled on me being her “Aunt.” Over the years, I have become more than just her GAL to become family she can count on. It’s been such a privilege to walk alongside her and am so happy she is now sharing her experiences.  

I hope you will join me in supporting Angela with not only publishing The Black Foster Youth Handbook, but also funding the next steps for the book.

Milestone 1:  ($2,755 Raised will guarantee my self-publishing ( paperback and e-book Launch by September 29,2020)

Milestone 2: ($3,150 Raised will guarantee The Black Foster Youth Workbook to help young people and their supportive adults in congruence w/ the Handbook Launch by October 10,2020)

Milestone 3: ($4,255 Raised will guarantee production and launch of The Black Foster Youth Handbook *Audiobook* which will be given away for free with the purchase of this book Launch by November 11,2020)

“Let’s continue to make the world a better place and support those who speak up about the things that matter! Thank you for your contributions even if it is $5 or more or less…. your gift would be a blessing!!!! Your healing light, prayers and affirmations are also a huge help!”

Angela Quijada-Banks, author “The Black Foster Youth Handbook”

Published by Liza Weidle

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