Know Your Worth

The news that North Carolina is lingering in Phase Two for five more weeks isn’t easy on jobseekers who are hoping to land their next opportunity. Press on toward your goals and consider these tips.

Add to your Network

Reach out to your current LinkedIn connections.  Get the conversation going by adding the following to your profile:

 If you’ve recently been laid off, and we’ve worked or collaborated together in the past, please get in touch and let me know how I can help you. Can I write a LinkedIn review for you? Do you need me as a reference? Do you want me to send someone an email to put in a good word or help with networking? Please let me know if there’s anything I can do. DM me and I will follow up to help you get back on your feet. #bounceback #payitforward

Note: Please feel free to copy and paste this note, as I did, for your network. Let’s reach out to help people get back into the workplace. #strongertogether2020 #bekindalways

Add Skills

If you just gagged when you saw the image of top jobs for 2020, it’s OK. Many of the emerging careers require skills that you can learn from the nearly 10 million available online for free. Seriously, the courses are free – just Google free Covid-19 courses.  

Be sure you also start signing up for virtual networking events.  You never know who you might meet when you drop into an online course or offer your skills to help with an open source project. It could be the very thing that leads to your next job.

Know Your Worth

Before you go into a job interview, you must know your true worth. One of my favorite quotes to help me overcome this is from Tene Edwards, “You must find the courage to leave the table if respect is no longer being served.” Glassdoor and Indeed can help you understand what your worth is today.

Think Way Outside the Box

When you prepare for an interview, not only should you research the company’s social media, but also the interviewer’s background. Some companies ask questions to see how you might work through unexpected situations. Take a look of these questions share recently by Glassdoor.

How many ridges are there around a quarter?

How would you move to Mount Fuji?

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Top Jobs in the Triangle

Senior Financial Analyst at BASF: Leveraging your education in Business, Finance, Accounting or Economics and your relevant finance/controlling experience, you will be responsible for the budgeting and forecasting for the AP NA affiliate and misc. 3rd party business.

Director of Marketing at V Foundation:  oversee the development and delivery of marketing strategy through the development and execution of an integrated marketing plan covering brand extension and awareness, social and digital media, and donor marketing. Apply by August 14 with resume, cover letter and salary expectations.

What are your dreams?

Is it a new career? We have jobseeker packages for that.

Is it to write and publish a book? We have a package for that.

Is it to get a business off the ground? We offer packages for that too!

For a limited time, we are offering a free 30-minute consultation to encourage you toward your goals. We are also culling through the best possibilities in careers and sharing through LinkedIn, blogs, and enewsletters. If you have a job to share, let us know! We want to help connect great people to new careers.

Published by Liza Weidle

As a savvy connector with a passion for making the world better, I am known as a good listener and resource immersed in learning trends, tackling challenges, and helping organizations translate vision into actionable, results-driven strategies. In other words, I get the job done!

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