Moving from COVID Chaos to Calm

Take the stress out of finding a job and rethink your skills to fit the new job landscape.  This process in the middle of COVID-19 chaos can feel impossible when no one knows when the economic impact will settle, but this doesn’t mean despair. It’s not good for you and certainly not good for the pencils you keep gnawing on.

It’s time to focus on your abilities, your skills, and your values. This can be fun a process to re-imagine your life. In college, I set my goals to a career in Human Resources. By the time I graduated from Meredith College with a B.S. in Business and Minor in Psychology, the HR related jobs dried up and I used my sales savvy to work in retail management then moved to mortgage sales. When my first son arrived and I wanted to work more from home, I used my creativity to launch a marketing career with a local winery. When we made a move back to North Carolina, I used my creative writing skills to launch a career as a columnist and reporter.  I switched to nonprofit leadership work for a while and then circled back to my first career passion – Human Resources.

None of the career pathways required a certification or more degrees. Pivoting in a career can be as a easy as re-imagining the skills you have, networking, and being open to opportunities that come your way.

Through my years of experiences, I discovered I am really great at transforming a vision into reality. This is the foundation of the work I do through FRS Communications.

What are your dreams?

  • Is it a new career? We have jobseeker packages for that.
  • Is it to write and publish a book? We have a package for that.
  • Is it to get a business off the ground? We offer packages for that!

For a limited time, I am offering a free 30-minute consultation to encourage you toward your goals. I am also culling through the best possibilities in careers and sharing through LinkedIn, blogs, and enewsletters. If you have a job to share, let us know! We want to help connect great people to new careers. Do you have special talent and want to join our list of consultants? Let us know that too!

July’s Best Career Opportunities

State of North Carolina Jobseeker Site: It’s easy to navigate this site with careers or locations. Top pick is Recruitment Manager that will among other things be responsible for recruiting strategies through advertising, social media, job fairs, college fairs, networking, business and employee referrals, internship programs, and/or third party assistance.

Seqirus in Holly Springs: There is a wide variety of opportunites at this fast-growing pharmaceutical company. Top pick is Senior Communications Manager

Epic Games in Cary: There are almost 50 opportunities in Cary ranging from programming, design, and marketing.  

Published by Liza Weidle

As a savvy connector with a passion for making the world better, I am known as a good listener and resource immersed in learning trends, tackling challenges, and helping organizations translate vision into actionable, results-driven strategies. In other words, I get the job done!

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