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Good News

Cary Ranked #1 City Where Women Are Most Successful and #8 Recession Resistant. FRS Communications picked a great time and place to start a business. Read more on this report from SmartAsset.

Deal of the Day

Amanda Lamb’s “Dead Last” is now available for .99 through Apple. Voted Best Beach Read, you can get the deal of the day through July 7. Read the FRS Communications Review to learn more about Amanda’s book.

Career Corner

Looking for an epic new career? Consider Epic Games opportunity as a PR Manager. Epic prides itself on creating a collaborative, welcoming, and creative environment. Plus, pretty sure this is one company with staying power.


You don’t want to miss Livestream Chat with Beth Wood at Cary Pink House for the chance to hear what Beth Wood, NC State Auditor and her team are doing to ensure our NC taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. “We are going to have fewer dollars with even more needs, so every dollar NC spends matters,” Beth Wood.

“Beth is sassy, classy and smart,” said Sheila Ogle, Cary Pink House owner who will moderate the Livestream event. “Prepare questions to ask and learn how Beth’s strong leadership with 30 years of auditing experience has identified hundreds of millions of dollars in wasteful spending during her 12 years as our NC State Auditor. Beth remains undeterred in her mission to protect taxpayers every step of the way.”

Please register for Livestream Chat with Beth Wood at Cary Pink House for a sparkling discussion with our NC State Auditor. You can register through the Cary Pink House Facebook Page.

“The citizens of North Carolina recognize my devotion to this office and the need for for me to complete the work I started. I want to continue to serve as your eyes and ears,” said Beth.

Although there is no fee for this event, we are asking participants and friends to donate to Beth Wood’s campaign through this link:

FRS Communications is proud to provide the technical and social media support for Beth Wood‘s Virtual event at Cary Pink House on June 30 from 7 to 8 p.m.

Content Strategy and Services are available through FRS Communications. We develop and leverage brand awareness on social sites and online through effective content trends, programs, and stories. 

Liza Weidle is the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) and has more than two decades of experience working with nonprofits, business leaders, and the community to make an impact that brings return on investment. Liza was a reporter and columnist for The News & Observer, Education Reporter and blogger for NBC-17, and most recently worked at Curtis Media Group featuring more than 50 radio stations the company broadcasts across North Carolina. 

Liza’s background is the perfect media balance with newspaper, magazine, television, and radio expertise to leverage initiatives for companies. Through FRS Communications, Liza is able to create meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content that reaches and engages clientele.

Our Virtual Event and Social Media clients include Amanda Lamb, Sheila Ogle, and Beth Wood. Social Media samples are available on the FRS Communications Facebook page. 

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